nigel wood


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Older work 1982 to 2008


Towards Crugiau Giar,  Pastel,  28 x 34cm



River Mist at Pentrecwrt

Towards Criugiau Giar



River Mist at Pentrecwrt,  Pastel,  38 x 49cm


Road to Rhydcwmerau ,  Pastel,  29 x 48cm




Portrait, Kate

Pastel landscape







Kate,  Oil on canvas ,  60 x 60cm


Terracotta Jar ,  Pastel,  16 x 16cm






Pastel landscape

Pastel, Teracotta Jar




Towards Llanllwni ,  Pastel,  36 x 48cm


Towards Llandysul,  Acrylic on board,  60 x 60cm







Pastel landscape

Pastel landscape





Llanllwni Mountain,  Pastel,  34 x 46cm


Snow on Llanllwni Mountain,  Pastel,  34 x 46cm





Portrait of Rachel

Pastel landscape







Rachel,  Oil on canvas,  60 x 48cm


Nick,  Oil on canvas,  40 x 30cm




Self portrait 1993

Portrait, Nick




Self Portrait ,  Oil on canvas ,  38 x 25cm


Moorland ,  Acrylic on canvas ,
80 x 120cm






Meadow on Llanllwni







Meadow on Llanllwni,  Pastel,  33 x 46cm

Kate,  Pastel,  29 x 21cm